Florence Rubel
original artwork

Award winning artist Florence Rubel is known for broad-ranging, evocative artwork, innovative techniques, and teaching in ceramics and mixed media.

Florence Rubel passed away peacefully at home on Saturday July 2, 2011. She was an exceedingly bright light to all who knew her.

Message from webmaster: I've been working on a book of FR art, with many, many more photos and pieces. As of March 2011 the book is around the halfway point. After the first draft is completed, I'll post more (and higer resolution) pictures here. --AR



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Florence Rubel
original art?
Timestreams Series
photo of 'Twelve Tribes
of Israel'
"Twelve Tribes of Israel"
Porcelain and fiber.
Two panels, 2 x 6 x 1 feet each.
Face Tomorrow Series
photo of 'Face Tomorrow'
"Face Tomorrow"
Mixed media.
Clay statue is 5 feet tall.
Entire piece is 6 feet in diameter.
Encaustic Paintings
photo of 'Horse Race'
"Horse Race""
Encaustic Painting.
38 by 50 inches.
Lifestreams Series
photo of 'Lifestreams'
Porcelain and fiber.
Two panels, 2 x 6 x 1 feet each.
Mythic Figures
photo of 'Zazkal'
"Zazkal" (with friend)
approx 26 inches tall.
Just for Fun
photo of 'Call Me Grandma'
"Call Me Grandma"
Stoneware, wheel thrown and altered.
16 in diameter, 22 inches tall.
Other Sculpture and Mixed Media
photo of 'Pillars of Society'
"Pillars of Society"
Cast and wheel-thrown porcelain.
approx 19 inches tall.
Other Paintings
photo of 'After the Race'
"After the Race"
Oil on canvas.
approx 18 x 24 inches.

This is only a small sampling of Florence Rubel's artwork.
Each photo above shows one piece from a larger body of work.
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