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Florence Rubel
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photo of 'Timescape'
Porcelain and resin dyes.
12 x 48 inches.
photo of 'Open Universe'
"Open Universe"
Encaustic painting
approx 20 x 40 inches.
photo of 'Andy'
Encaustic painting.
approx 24 x 24 inches.
photo of 'Blemished Legacy'
"Blemished Legacy" (a seascape in the oil age)
Mixed media.
Six translucent slabs, approx 13 x 22 x 3 inches each.
photo of 'Radioactive DNA'
"Radioactive DNA"
Mixed media.
One panel, 2 x 6 feet.
photo of 'Tomorrow's Family: Yearning to Breathe Free'
"Tomorrow's Family: Yearning to Breathe Free"
Stoneware, acrylic bases
figures 23-25 inches tall, bases 21-23 inches tall

This is only a small sampling of Florence Rubel's artwork.
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